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Decoration Ideas for Your Tree Eggs

Story Painting Eggs. Use paint or markers to illustrate an important family story, person, event or lesson you would like to share for generations.

Carving. Tree Eggs can be carved with rotary tools or wood carving tools in repeating patterns or themes.

Wood Burning. Tree Eggs will accept beautiful designs with a wood burning tool.

Traditional Egg Dying – Tree Eggs will accept light shades of Traditional Egg Dye, however, we do recommend a quick dip and lighter color saturation. (Note: We do not recommending boiling or long soaks for your Tree Eggs as this can warp and damage the wood.)

Decoupage – Use bits of cutout drawings or decorated paper and glue to create a mosaic type design or story egg.

Tree Eggs can be decorated over and over through the years. Though paints and old decorations may not wash off completely, you can add on or cover over old decorations or layers of paint. Decorating your Tree Eggs with new designs and techniques every year can become a cherished family tradition!

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